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Surfacing solids by Petrine Vinje & Symbiotic Stories by Jacob Oredsson, Two high profile exhibitions are open to the public at Gallery F15.

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Surfacing solids by Petrine Vinje & Symbiotic Stories by Jacob Oredsson, Two high profile exhibitions are open to the public at Gallery F15.

Petrine Vinje

Surfacing Solids

22 October 2022 – 22 January 2023

In this exhibition, a museum artefact serves as an aggregator of artworks and research concerning cultural memories derived from archaeology, architecture, materials, science, and myths. The museum artefact, a lead amulet from the Middle Ages, is disseminated by means of freestanding sculptures, installations and a film. In several works, Petrine Vinje takes sources from Old Norse poetry, the material text culture from the historical era when we transitioned from oral to literal systems of communication.

By allowing these textual sources to surface through hi-tech materials, digital technology and ancient craft techniques, Vinje attempts to achieve a flattening of time, in which she unites the unknown in the past, present, and future and brings it together in the rooms housing the exhibition. Through research into pre-modern museum artefacts from the Middle Ages in the Nordic region, alongside contemporary screen-based culture and technology, Vinje examines how we use semiotic material in our encounters with the unknown and the immaterial. She looks for the potential of sensory perceptions and experiences of meaning that exist at this interface.

The exhibition Surfacing Solids displays the results of Petrine Vinje’s ongoing artistic research project as a doctoral fellow in the Art & Craft Department at Oslo National Academy of the Arts. In her PhD project, she explores how cultural memories and sculptural works are created within the relationships between people, technology, and society.

Jakob Oredsson

Symbiotic Stories (Alby Always Already)

Symbiotic Stories (Alby Always Already)is part of Jakob Oredsson's artistic research project Scenography as Symbiosis at Norwegian Theatre Academy in Fredrikstad. The project’s research questions interrelate with theories on expanded scenography, challenging this notion from within.

Oredsson´s artistic research seeks to renegotiate current hegemonic scenographic practices, in relation to binaries such as, foreground-background, onstage-offstage, scene-stage, stage-auditorium, theatre-architecture, inside-outside, etc., through emphasizing the ambiguous state of being two, or many, things at the same time.

The exhibition at Galleri F15 has come into being through a long term process where Oredsson spent extensive research periods at Alby, seeking stories existing in various spatiotemporal scales, human and non-human, which constitute the context of Galleri F15, the architecture, the garden, the shores, its ever changing expanding environment.



Galleri F 15 (established 1966) and the Momentum biennale (established 1998) are two of Norway's most prestigious exhibition venues for Norwegian and Nordic contemporary art.


Ann Kristin Traaen

Ann Kristin Traaen

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Amanda Kelly

Amanda Kelly

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Galleri F 15 og Momentum

Gallery F 15 was established in 1966 and is one of Norway's oldest and most prestigious exhibition venues for Norwegian and Nordic contemporary arts and crafts. The unique nature of the gallery lies in the unique combination of the art and the site's architecture in a 19th-century courtyard and situated in a historic country house landscape at Jeløy in Moss.

The MOMENTUM BIENNALE was shown for the first time in 1998 and is today one of the most long-standing and important arenas for contemporary art in the Nordics. MOMENTUM is Galleri F 15’s most significant international commitment and is held every two years.

Galleri F 15 og Momentum

Albyalléen 60
1519 Moss